Vince Delgado
Middle Eastern Percussion
(Egyptian Tabla, Riqq,
Dumbek, Congas, Bongos)


Delgado, a San Francisco native, began his accomplished career as a jazz drummer, but soon became interested in the musical styles of a wide variety of cultures. He became interested in world music, studying classical Japanese chamber music on the koto and shamisen from his teacher, Madame Suwada.  Delgado began playing Near Eastern music in 1961 with ‘udist/singer Antoine Malouf and dumbek player/singer Naji Alash.  As a trio, they established the first Arabic nightclubs in the Bay Area.  Delgado was the first Executive Director of the Ali Akbar College of Music in its first year (1968) in Berkeley, studying classical North Indian music and the tabla under Ali Akbar Khan, Shankar Ghosh, Mahapurush Mistra, Jnan Prakash Ghosh, Zakir Hussain and Alla Rakha.  His first album, at the age of 22, was with Harry Partch, the great innovative composer and instrument maker. Delgado has performed throughout the world, and in 1993 he was invited by Necati Celiac, ‘udist with the Turkish Cultural Ministry, to perform in Istanbul on the ‘Istanbul Today” show as a soloist.  Outside of his work as the rhythmic leader of The Murasaki Ensemble, one of Delgado’s greatest involvements is with the ensemble, Jazayer.   He has been involved in several multicultural percussion groups, performing with Malonga Casquelourd, C.K. Ladzepko, John Santos, Seichi Tanaka, Swapan Chaudhuri, Jeff Narell.  Delgado’s presence has stimulated each member of The Murasaki Ensemble with an intense feeling of respect for his integrity as well as his phenomenal talent.  For more information, check out Delgado’s website at


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